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Vocalist  I  Founder  I  Bud Light Drinker

Fave song on the set list:

Well, it's hard to pick but I have to say When You Were Young by The Killers... and Love Story by Taylor Swift. So you can tell my musical taste is all over the place!


Fave venue: The Bullpen, duh


Inspiration for starting The Perfectionists:

On my 30th birthday, I sang House of the Rising Sun at live band karaoke and got this roaring round of applause. I was hooked. I finally believed in myself enough to start a band. Less than 2 years later, The Perfectionists were born. We started small at Open Mics. We wrote a few songs before fully committing to the cover band life years later. It's amazing to look back and see how far we've come. 


Bassist  I  All About The Funk

Fave song on the set list:

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, purely because of the funky fresh bass lines originally laid down by Flea on the track! A close second is Sugar we’re going down because it has never failed to bring the energy up! 


Favorite venue:

Totes the gutter outside wonderland ballroom 


Currently Listening to: 

Red Room, Hiatus Kaiyote 

Skate, SilkSonic 

Still feel., half•alive

Debra, IDKHow


Drummer  I  Sound Engineer 

Fave song on the set list:

Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa  never fails to get the crowd dancing. I'm a sucker for songs with a funky feel. But also Toxic by Britney Spears ... for obvious reasons


Favorite venue:  Playing some new venues this year so TBD!

Go-to Drink:  Any IPA on draft 

or Gay Water aka vodka soda

Random Fact: 

The movie Drumline came out when I was 9. I watched it almost every day and wanted to go to Atlanta A&T for college. My dreams were shattered when I found out it was a made-up school for the movie



Guitarist  I  Vocalist  I  Must Pet Every Pupper

Fave song on the set list:

Really hard to pick.

I love playing our more higher energy songs the most


Favorite venue:

Kind of hard to beat The Bullpen.

That said, I've always enjoyed playing Sauf Haus just for how great the crowd and staff usually are


Currently Listening to: 

A lot of the new Wolf Alice album that came out recently which is phenomenal.

Also been revisiting albums by Taking Back Sunday and Blur


Keys  I  Vocalist   I  New Kid On The Block 

Fun facts!


I have an identical twin.


In addition to playing keyboard, I also sing, play drums, and I’m learning guitar. My primary instrument growing up was the marimba/xylophone (although I don’t play it much anymore)!


My all-time favorite band is Evanescence. But I also really like Radiohead, In This Moment, Alicks, TOOL, and Cage the Elephant (to name a few).

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