About the Band

Anya Ross, Vocals

Type A and lovin’ it!  The Perfectionists are music lovers from Washington, DC with a passion for blues rock and all things crowd-pleaser.  Playing covers that get the crowd dancing along with original music, The Perfectionists are a high-energy band with equally high standards.


Our live show is a force to be reckoned with, indeed.  In fact, legend has it that at least one DC-area bar almost had to stop the show after the dancing crowd nearly broke the floor (which was someone else's ceiling).  But that's just another day for The Perfectionists.  Propelled by a deep love for music that encompasses everything from power pop to blues, to funk, soul, and folk - we are a fun-loving band whose singular goal is to get you singing, dancing, and stomping along as soon as possible.  In service of this noble goal, we deploy a unique blend of powerful vocals, unhinged guitars, titanic drums, and heart stopping bass.


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Nathan Hart, Guitar

Cati Sesana, Drums

Aaron Miller, Bass

Kevin Engle, Guitar